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Blog : Week 71 Updates

Dear Rasikas,

Raga Surabhi wishes you all a very HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR 2011!

The music season 2010 has almost come to an end.  Hope all our rasikas had taken time out to attend atleast a few concerts during this period.  

We listened to some very good concerts in the Music Academy. Also, we were thrilled to meet a few friends of  Raga Surabhi, Ms.Sundari Subramaniam and Mr. Keshav Raj, in person, at the Academy. We also made a few new friends while trying to spread the word about Raga Surabhi. Overall, we had a great  time in this Music Season. 

A word about the last week's quiz.  The answer to questions 1 and 3, both are kambodhi but most of them have missed reading it. Congrats to Ms.Sumathi Suresh for getting the googly right. 

This week, apart from the quiz and DIY exercises, we discuss the comparison between ragas Mandhari, Pantuvarali and Amrithavarshini. Hope you find it useful and enjoyable.  

We share the concert reviews sent to us by two of our new rasikas, Mr.Gopal Srinivasan and Ms.Sumathi Suresh.  We thank them for taking time out to write to us.  Hope you will enjoy reading them.  

Gopal's Musings at the Music Academy:
Kanyakumari and Embar Kannan - Violin ( 16-12-2010 ) :

The Thyagaraja Kriti " Kalikiyunde " was performed nicely as both Kanyakumari and Kannan blended well with swara exchanges .The song Bogeenthra Sayeenam in Kuntalavarali followed by RTP in the raga Charukesi were the other highlights. Mannargudi Easwaran ( mridangam ) and Bangalore Amrit on the ganjira supported by Bhagyalakshmi on the Moharsing were appealing to the ears. It was encouraging to see Mannargudi Easwaran guiding the young artist plying Moharsing at every step.

Gayathri Venkataraghavan ( 17-12-2010 )  :

It was a brilliant Thodi raga alapana combined with the intelligent selection of
Shyama Sastri kriti " Ninne Namminanu " as the main song which elevated the quality of her concert . Besides Brindavana saranga of Rangapuravihara was neatly executed. She took up the RTP in Arabhi after both Ganapthiraman ( Mridangam ) and Uma shankar ( Ghatam ) vied with each other to catch the attention of the audience with a result she was running out of time. But within the time available shemanged to do her best.

T. N Seshagopalan ( 19-12 -2010 )  :

It was expected that TNS would put up the best performance at The Academy and he did expose some of his brilliance though his voice was non cooperative at times. His Meru samana in Mayamalavagowla was excellently rendered. The vilonist Delhi Suderrajan and Vellore Ramabadran on the mirdangam gave adequate support.

Ranjani Gayathri  ( 25 -12-2010) :

R and G 's ability to keep the listeners under rapture was in evidence
throughout the concert . The RTP in the raga Dwajavanthi was marvellous followed by selected raga variations . The abang was a classic rendition. Charumathi raghuraman was at her best during the concert with a good violin performance.

Dr Jayanthi Kumaresh ( 27-12-2010 ) :

It was  very pleasant to hear the veena recital of Jayanthi Kumaresh . The audio system in the academy probably enhanced the quality of the music.  The raga begada was melodious and nicely rendered.

Vijayalakshmi Subramanian (30-12-2010 ) :

It was a  brisk performance by Vijayalakshmi with Nannupalimba followed by Amba Neelambari after the raga alapana in Poorvi kalyani . Her RTP in bairavi was excellent.
She dedicated her performance to her guru Mr Rajam .

Abishek Raghuram (30-12-2010 ) :

Considering his age and experience , it was a sheer delight to hear Abishek
performing so well in the ragas both Nattai and Madhyamavathi . The raga Thodi was elaborately taken up with the audience supporting and enjoying his music thoroughly.The viloinist Mysore Srikanth was an able support to Abhishek as he could reproduce exactly the same sangathis of Abishek.

I missed the performance of Nitya shree and Sudha . As for Sanjay, Bombay
Jeyashree and Aruna Sairam their performance were beyond words and description as they are truly the music maestros proved time and again.

Sowmya's Sugamana Ragangal by Sumathi Suresh
Smt Sowmya on 21/12/10 at the Music Academy:
Smt Sowmya was accompanied by Dr M Narmadha on the violin, J Vaidyanathan on the Mridangam and B Sundarakumar on the kanjira.
Sowmya started the kutcheri with Chalamela Varnam in Nattaikurinji, followed by Janaki Ramana in Suddha Seemandhini. Then came the pleasing Kalyani, a Tyagaraja kriti Amma ravamma with neraval at Tamarasa Dala netri. Very neat presentation.
Next she presented Kaana Vendamo in Sriranjini, with much devotion.  
Vara Naradamuni in Vijayashri was sung in between and the Raga Saveri was takenfor alapana.  Then the Arunachala Kavirayar's Rama natakam song Yaro Ivar Yaro was  sung in Saveri, while we are accustomed to its Bhairavi version only.  Later, I was told that originally it was sung in Saveri only.  The RTP in Saramati was scholarly and the pallavi vandE vEda sAram ati sundarAkAram shivam  was good.
The kutcheri came to an end with a Khamas javali and a Bharathiyar song villinaiyotha puruvam. 

Have a great week and a great year!

Raga Surabhi Team.

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