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Blog : Week 652 updates

Dear Rasikas,

For this year's Valentine's Day, released this original composition on Youtube. An attempt to convey both shringaram and vatsalyam in the most beautiful Madhyamavati through this composition. Really delighted to feature my student, Srimathi Varadarajan, whose marvellous painting has so aptly conveyed the essence of the song. Special thanks to Srimathi's better half, Srinivasan Venkatraman for patiently capturing this beautiful piece of art for all of us to watch. Hope you will enjoy watching this production. Spread the joy by sharing it with family and friends!

The results of Raga Riddles Special Quiz 650 will be published next week. Those who haven't yet found time to get to it, please send in your entries in the next few days. We would be willing to consider them.

Keep your regular quiz answers coming and have a great week ahead!

Uma Ram
Raga Surabhi

This week's update features the following::

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