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Blog : Week 371 Updates

Dear Rasikas,

Navarathri has just begun, wishing you all a very happy and prosperous Navarathri, Durga Pooja and Dussehra!

So we have something really special for you this Navarathri :) ‘Samanvayam’ - A composition by Uma which brings together several aspects of Carnatic music, is an attempt to showcase the beauty of this rich tradition and art form. Uma is being accompanied by Vijay Kannan on the Flute and S G Balakrishna on the Mridangam, who have jointly lifted this composition to a different plane! Don’t be surprised by the mild Kanjira strokes you hear along side, Vijay can play Kanjira too! Not only that, Vijay’s involvement in this project has been from the initial stages till the final mix and mastering. In fact, Vijay's suggestions have gone a long way in shaping this composition to what it is now. Thanks Vijay and Bala for your for all your time and efforts!

As the name suggests, Samanvayam is coordination or coming together of several things. Without spoiling the fun and suspense, we suggest you could listen to this composition, ’Neelamabari Sada Palayamam’ in Ragamalika, set to Chathusra Jathi Rupakam here-

On listening, are you ready to take up the 'Samanvayam Challenge'? :) Were you able to see the different Carnatic aspects woven intricately into this composition? If yes, mail us your thoughts, we will share the 'About Samanvayam' link with you, you can then check for yourselves if you have figured it out! ;) Would love to hear your comments and feedback as well!

Amidst Kolu hopping and Sundal feasting, do keep you quiz answers coming ;)

Have a great week ahead!

Raga Surabhi Team

This week's update features the following::

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