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Blog : Week 281 Updates

Dear Rasikas,

For the new year, we decided to launch something special for kids :)

We have been receiving mails from enthusiastic parents from time to time, asking us to provide some content in the website with which they could initiate young children into listening/learning Carnatic music. Bhajans are a great way to get kids started into the world of Carnatic music.

We are really delighted to launch this exclusive segment 'Short Bhajans for Children' through Gumroad. The bhajans are in a simple lesson format to help kids learn them at their own pace. We have uploaded the first module this week, do stay tuned for more such modules in the weeks to come :)

Apart from that, we have also uploaded a couple of new Varnam lessons, in raga Vasantha and Valaji.

For more details, click on the links below:

Varnam lessons page on Raga Surabhi (with sample audio clips)

Short Bhajans for Children (buy via Gumroad)

Varnam lesson - Valaji (buy via Gumroad)

Varnam lesson - Vasantha (buy via Gumroad)

Do checkout the sample clips given above, and if you feel, do purchase full lessons. As always, we would love to hear your feedback regarding this segment and any suggestions for new lessons we could take up in future.

We would request all our rasikas to subscribe to the Raga Surabhi YouTube channel. Please feel free to share this short Raga Surabhi YouTube trailer and invite your friends and other music lovers to subscribe to our channel :)

As a part of this week's update, we have the Saranga Adi tala varnam, 'Intha Modi' apart from our regular quizzes. Do check them out!

Keep your quiz answers coming and have a great week ahead!

Raga Surabhi Team

This week's update features the following::

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