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Blog : Week 262 Updates

Dear Rasikas,

Raga Surabhi celebrates the completion of five years today! As we look back, we really cannot believe that it has been such five short years! Our sincere thanks to all our rasikas world-wide who have joined us in this amazing musical journey and have been the motivation for us to keep moving on! THANK YOU ALL!

What is special this birthday?? Well, we have quite a few new things to share and will be happy if you can read through the entire blog patiently :)

Carnatic Fusion:

"Is there any confusion? Nah, it's just fusion" - We are so very very thrilled to embark on our first ever Carnatic fusion adventure with the amazingly talented Vijay Kannan. This Fusion, titled 'Madhava Maya', is based on a Papanasam Sivan composition in the raga Hamsanandi.

Please listen to it on Vijay Kannan's Sound Cloud channel here:

(Use of headphones highly recommended).

We also highly recommend checking out his other works in Vijay Kannan's SoundCloud Channel. We are sure you won't be disappointed.

Varnam Lessons:

Based on popular demand, we are happy to announce to launch paid varnam Lessons on Raga Surabhi. We hope that these lessons will be useful to carnatic music students.

Please check this page: Varnam Lessons (Buy)

Why Paid?

We thought launching a commercial initiative by offering varnam lessons to rasikas will help generate revenue for sustaining Raga Surabhi for its infrastructure and technology needs.. We are sure our rasikas who have come with us in this journey would appreciate the amount of effort and investment that has gone into building Raga Surabhi.

Youtube channel:

Raga Surabhi is now officially on YouTube: ( http://www.youtube.com/ragasurabhi ) ! We have uploaded all our Ragas in YouTube and we plan to upload songs and other content in near future. We request our rasikas to subscribe to our YouTube channel and make use of it:

Raga for Relaxation:

We are happy to launch a segment called 'Raga for Relaxation' (only available on youtube). The first video is based on Raga Bowli

This is also a new experiment for us and as the name says, it is music for relaxation. Just sit back and enjoy. We hope that this kind of relaxation music will appeal to a broad section of music lovers. We would really appreciate if you can let us know your feedback on this segment. We are eagerly waiting!

One more thing: Special Ragamalika Quiz:

In the best traditions of Raga Surabhi, we present to you a special ragamalika quiz along with the regular quiz. It is bit tricky, but we are sure that you will find it interesting! Looking forward to your answers before next weekend.

Have a great week ahead!

Raga Surabhi Team

This week's update features the following::

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