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Blog : Week 97 Updates

Dear Rasikas,

Welcome back! We have a raga comparison segment this week - Gambeera Naatai and Tilang.  Do listen to it and the respond to the quizzes.

After last week's comparison episode we thought our rasikas would have got the fourth quiz question right, those who could not crack the fourth one might want to listen to the comparison segment again.  

Yesterday we had an opportunity to attend a unique concert, a Hindustani recital in harmonium by Shri Ravindra Katoti.  It was organized by one of our ardent young rasika - Kedar Kulkarani.  It was an amazing performance and we were surprised that to see that so much gamaka could be incorporated in harmonium. Thanks to the Kulkarnis, we had an enjoyable evening.

Have a great week ahead!

This week's update features the following::

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