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Blog : Week 75 Updates

Dear all,

With this week's update, Raga Surabhi completes 75 musical weeks. We are deeply thankful to our rasikas for supporting us thus far. With your support, we hope to continue this musical journey and hope to make our humble contribution to spreading Carnatic music among all.

We have a special quiz and a special song for this platinum week update.

The special quiz is different from the usual ones - there are no audio files. This is a theory quiz on Carnatic music. The answers can be anything related to Carnatic music - raga names, musicians, ... well, take the quiz to find out! You are free to use Google, Yahoo! or any other favorite search engine of yours to help you out! Do watch out for googlies :) Good Luck and hope you have fun with the quiz!

The full song for this week is a compilation of the most common daily
chant slokas. We have chosen one sloka each on the following Gods -
Vinayaka, Muruga, Shiva, Devi, Rama and Hanuman and tuned them in
familiar ragas. We hope you will enjoy listening to them. We will be happy if students learning carnatic music pick up the tune and sing them in their homes or in small functions.

We have not introduced new ragas for the past several weeks so that rasikas can assimilate the ragas covered so far. We now plan to take up new ragas slowly. Also, a note about raga comparisons - we would like to take up raga comparisons only after individual ragas is covered separately. For example, there have been several requests for Poorna Chandrika and Janaranjani; we will take this up once we cover Poorna Chandrika.

Just a couple of things about the special quiz:
The deadline for the special quiz is 11-Feb-2011 (Friday midnight). Please submit your answers to quiz@ragasurabhi.com. Mention the subject as "week 75 special quiz". Please submit the answers in the following format:

As always do remember to send in your answers for week 75 regular quiz by 5-Feb-2011.

Thanks again and have a great week ahead!

Raga Surabhi team

This week's update features the following::

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