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Blog : Week 36 Updates

Dear Rasikas,We are happy to present to you this week's update, Raga Hamir Kalyani, a raga with a special sensual appeal.  We have received numerous rasika requests asking us to take up this raga and its twin Saranga for comparison. Actually we are quite confident, that, by repeated listening of the signature patterns of both these ragas, rasikas themselves would be able to appreciate the difference between them.  However, in order to honour their requests, we present to you a brief comparison of both these ragas.This week's quiz consists of three regular questions and two additional questions for identification of Saranga and Hamir Kalyani.  So far, we have been asking only one question  based on the raga presented in the 'Twin Raga Comparison' segment  but we find rasikas (one of whom we know very well) arriving at the answer on the basis of mathematics (logic, probablility, permutation-combination) and not on the basis of the alapana rendered :)  So, we have decided to have as many questions as the ragas discussed in the comparison episode.  We hope you will also like the idea though it might consume a few more minutes of your precious time while answering the quiz:)The full song for this week is also a rasika request. We present a Utsava Sampradaya Kriti, Vadana dhyuthi jitha soma, by Saint Thyagaraja in the raga Pantuvarali, set to rupaka talam. Hope you like it.Week 36 update:Have a great week ahead!Raga Surabhi Team

This week's update features the following::

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