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Blog : Week 28 Updates

Dear Rasikas,

We are glad to present this week's update.

Inline Player
Based on a rasika request, we have added support for inline playing of all  audio content on our site. Now you can hear audio clips on the webpage itself. If you prefer, you can still download the files to your computer - please right-click and save.  Please let us know if you face any issues.

Higher quality MP3 audio files
One of our esteemed visitor informed us that the audio quality of last week's update on twin raga differentiation of Purvikalyani and Pantuvarali was not good. We thank them for their feedback. We have again uploaded the same audio files, but with a higher bitrate (64kbps) which should sound much better than the previous one. However, the file sizes have grown bigger which will result in longer download times. We plan to stick to the new scheme unless there are any download issues encountered. Please do not hesitate to notify us in case you face any issues  while listening to these files.

We thank all rasikas who participate in our quiz regularly. A tip for those who may not be aware: All ragas asked in the Quiz are covered in the Identifying Ragas section.

Our last week's Quiz had a special question based on Twin Raga Identification (Pantuvarali and Purvikalyani). We are delighted to know that all rasikas (except one) have identified the correct answer.

This clearly proves that rasikas have listened and found the update useful..just joking :-). Actually, we have no way of knowing this.  But, we do  hope you found this useful and enjoyable. Please do share your feedback with us - we are eager to hear from you!

Raga Update (Sama - Cine)
We had received a rasika request  to provide a new cine piece (K. Balachander's movie Nool Veli) for Sama Ragam. We are happy to be able honour this request and we have updated our Identifying Ragas page with this. You can also access it directly here: Sama Cine 2

Week 28 Update:
The full song for this week, 'Pachai mamalai pol meni' is a famous Pasuram of Thondaradipodi Azhwar, in praise of Lord Sri Ranganatha of Sri Rangam.  The composer describing the beauty of the Lord says he would only prefer to stay at Srirangam and sing the praises of the Lord even if he were offered an opportunity to rule the Indira Loka.

We are aware that so many of our esteemed rasikas are, indeed, very knowledgeable in Carnatic music and yet they continue to visit our site regularly, respond to our weekly quizzes and give us encouraging feedback. A BIG Thank you to all of you!

Thanks for reading and have a great week ahead!

Raga Surabhi Team

This week's update features the following::

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