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Week 700 Special Quiz - Kriti Handshake


Welcome back to yet another edition of Special Quiz on this happy milestone of 700 weeks!

Keeping up with Raga Surabhi tradition, we would like to try out something different this time too :) So brace yourselves and get ready to take the plunge into the world of Carnatic compositions!

What is Kriti Handshake?!?

It takes two hands for a handshake. Here we are imagining the handshake happening between two kritis, through a common word present in these two kritis. In this quiz, a list of 'handshake words' are given. You will have to come up with two kritis, where the “handshake word” figures, keeping in mind the ‘Handshake Condition’, which is :

In the first kriti, the handshake word can figure ANYWHERE in the Pallavi lines of the kriti but NOT AS THE FIRST word While in the second kriti, the handshake word should be the FIRST word in the Pallavi line. Let us understand this through some examples -

Example 1

Example 2 Example 3 Hope you are able to appreciate how the handshake happens through these examples :)

While submitting your answers, keep the format simple as below-

Handshake word
Kriti one (raga)
Kriti two (raga)

Rasikas can come up with as many 'kriti handshake pairs' possible to earn bonus points.

All the best, wishing you loads of fun and learning through this quiz!

Please send in your answers to ragasurabhi@ragasurabhi.com on or before 10 Feb, 2023 (Friday).

Have lots of fun and all the best!

Week 700 Special Quiz - Kriti Handshake Questions

List of 'Handshake words'

Question 1: Vinayaka

Question 2: Vaa

Question 3: Shambho

Question 4: Thunai

Question 5: Bhagya

Question 6: Baro

Question 7: Karpagame

Question 8: Radha

Question 9: Aandavan

Question 10: Maayamma

Question 11: Saraswati

Question 12: Maata

Question 13: Chandra

Question 14: Gaja

Question 15: Paahi

Question 16: Appan

Question 17: Sada

Question 18: Bhakti

Question 19: Ninnuvina

Question 20: Kurai

All the best and eagerly awaiting your answers!!!
Please send in your answers to ragasurabhi@ragasurabhi.com on or before 10 Feb, 2023 (Friday).