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Week 650 Special Quiz - Raga Riddles

(NOTE: This quiz is now over. See below for quiz answers and winners)

Week 650 Special Quiz Winners

A note to participants from Raga Surabhi:

Dear Rasikas,

Thank you rasikas for your participation in this special quiz. A great overall performance by all participants.

Kudos to each one of you and special congratulations to the perfect scorers!

» Perfect Scorers - : Sarath Ravikumar, Lalitha Shyamsundar, Subramania Siva & Bhargavi, Vasuki Prabhakar, Rajarajeswari Venkatesan, Vasanth Balasubramanian, Nila Krishnan, Saarang Arun.

» Just missed - : Vasudevan Samarao, Ramadass Venkatarao, Varsha Venkataraghavan, Uddhavan Rangarajan, Raveendranathan R M, Shaila Kamath, Rajarathnam S, Janya Subramanian, Balaji Venugopal

» Missed a few - : Hema Chandrasekaran, Geetha Nagarajan, Saraswathi Sekar, Swarna Murugan.

We are happy to feature the answers received from two of our long associated rasikas here - Vasuki Prabhakar, Fremont, California and Sarath Ravikumar, Vancouver, Canada
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Welcome to this episode of a special quiz celebrating 650 weeks of Raga Surabhi!

This time we have decided to keep it really simple. Though the format is simple, the concept is new, so get ready to have some fun :)

You have to identify the ragas based on the clues given below.

Please mail your answers to ragasurabhi@ragasurabhi.com. The last date for submitting your answers is 18th February 2022 (Friday). Extended till 24th February 2022 (Thu).

All the best and have fun!!

Week 650 Special Quiz - Raga Riddles - Questions

Question 1:
I have two types of Ni, I am not Brindavana Saranga.
I permit both G2 and G3, but I am not Dwijavanti.
I am born out of one of Saint Thyagaraja’s favourite Mela ragas.
Who am I?

Question 2:
We are a twin raga pair and just differ by one note.
While I am famously played in temple processions by nadaswara vidwans, my twin sister is known through a couple of simple Vinayaka songs and a song for world peace.
Identify us.

Question 3:
It is sometimes easy to remember ragas by correlating them with other known ragas.
For instance, Bilahari can be remembered as Mohana-Shankarabaranam combination and Abheri can be remembered as Shuddhadhanyasi-Kharaharapriya.
Can you come up with a similar description for these ragas?
A. Saramati
B. Kalyanavasantham
C. Kedaragowla

Question 4:
Isomeric Ragas (borrowing a term from Chemistry here) are ragas where the broad swara sequences remain the same in the arohanam avarohanam but the swara types vary.
For example, Mohanam and Sivaranjani are isomeric ragas since they both have S R G P D S as the sequence.
While Mohanam has R2, G3 and D2, Sivaranjani has R2, G2 and D2. There are also a few other ragas like Vasanti, Revagupti, Bhupalam which are all isomeric with Mohanam.
Having understood this concept, can you name one isomeric raga for each of the ragas given below?
A. Hamsanadam
B. Sriranjani
C. Saveri
D. Hamsadwani

Question 5:
5. Solve the following Melakarta raga progressions and fill in the missing ragas providing a suitable explanation.
a. Kanakangi, Senavati, Gayakapriya,________
b. ________, Chitrambari, Neethimati, Viswambari
c. Manavati, ________, Mayamalavagowla, Natabhairavi
d. Salagam, Bhavapriya, ________, Hemavati
e. Nasikabhushani-Dhatuvardhani, Vachaspati-Lathangi, Hemavati-Simhendramadhyamam, ________

All the best and eagerly awaiting your answers!!!
Please mail your answers to ragasurabhi@ragasurabhi.com. The last date for submitting your answers is 18th February 2022 (Friday).


Week 650 Special Quiz Answers

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