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Week 625 Special Quiz - The Kshetra Connect

(NOTE: This quiz is now over. See below for quiz answers and winners)

Week 625 Special Quiz Winners

A note to participants from Raga Surabhi:

Dear Rasikas,

Congratulations to all participants and winners of this special quiz. Really happy to see the interest and the effort put in by all participants.

For a couple of questions, different answers were possible, glad to see that rasikas have come up with all these variations :)

Great show and wonderful performance! Special applause and cheers to all rasikas who have got the perfect scores!

» Perfect Scorers - : Sarath Ravikumar, Lalitha Shyamsundar, Krithika Hariharan, Vasuki Prabakar, Vasanth Balasubramanian, Varsha Venkatraghavan, Nila Krishnan

» Missed a few - : Pallavi Patil, Saarang Arun, Vasedevan Samarao, Ramadass V
We would like to feature the answers from two of the perfect scorers, it is amazing to see their interest and how meticulously they have worked out the answers :)
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Welcome back to yet another milestone special quiz!

Kshetra Connect - As you might have already guessed, this quiz is about the popular temples or Kshetras of importance.

The quiz is an attempt to make rasikas appreciate and learn the connections that exist between the different Carnatic kritis and the Kshetras around which these kritis have been composed. Hope you will find it interesting.

Now let us get into the details and the format.

Rasikas are given two clues, first clue is on the kshetra and the second one is about a Carnatic raga. Start with the kshetra clue, after identifying the kshetra, go to the raga clue. Identify the raga and now think of a Kriti which combines these two aspects. Little confusing?? No worries, take a look at our examples and then it will all be clear :)


Please mail your answers to ragasurabhi@ragasurabhi.com. The last date for submitting your answers is Aug 27, 2021 (Friday). Note: Please send your answers in the format shown above in the examples. Thank you!!

All the best and have fun!!

Week 625 Special Quiz - The Kshetra Connect Questions

Question 1:
Kshetra Clue: Narayana Bhattatiri
Raga Clue: Raga with a janta swara in arohanam

Question 2:
Kshetra Clue: Jambupathe
Raga Clue: Two types of Gas are present in this raga

Question 3:
Kshetra Clue: A Kshetra Composition in Kedaram
Raga Clue: A raga with a one note difference from Madhyamavati

Question 4:
Kshetra Clue: MS Subbulakshmi and Rajaji
Raga Clue: Mayamalava Gowla Janya

Question 5:
Kshetra Clue: Dikshitar's Gowlanta Kritis
Raga Clue: Harikambhoji Janya, evokes karuna rasa

Question 6:
Kshetra Clue: Goddess with a serving spoon
Raga Clue: Raga of Hindustani origin contains all the 12 notes

Question 7:
Kshetra Clue: Samashti charanam Kriti in Desi simharavam
Raga Clue: Vakra raga whose Ata Tala varnam is often sung in concerts

Question 8:
Kshetra Clue: Rave Himagirikumari
Raga Clue: Raga in Disi chakra with a different name in Dikshitar school

Question 9:
Kshetra Clue: Kanakadasa
Raga Clue: First half of its name is a river and the second half is a raga in itself

Question 10:
Kshetra Clue: A famous percussionist hails from this abode of Lord Muruga
Raga Clue: Janya of 39th Mela

All the best and eagerly awaiting your answers!!!
Please mail your answers to ragasurabhi@ragasurabhi.com. The last date for submitting your answers is Aug 27, 2021 (Friday).


Week 625 Special Quiz Answers

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