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Week 600 Special Quiz - Raga Route

(NOTE: This quiz is now over. See below for quiz answers and winners)

Week 600 Special Quiz Winners

A note to participants from Raga Surabhi:
Dear Rasikas,
Hearty congratulations to all winners! All the participants have done extremely well, many of them have got all correct and a few of them have missed just one or two. Overall a great rocking performance! Hats off!
Happy to feature the answers of our long time quiz participant and Raga Surabhi rasika Shri. Raveendranathan R M.
His answers are an exact match of the quiz master's answers! (Scroll down for the answers)
Before we move on to winners, pls note that for some questions, where more than one answer was possible, we have considered all possibilities as correct answers.

» Perfect Scorers - : Raveendranathan R M., Prahalad Ragothaman, Vasuki Prabhakar, Varsha Venkataraghavan, Subhashini Sankaran, Sarath Ravikumar, Saarang Arun, Nila Krishnan, Arjun Naikare
(Special mention - Kudos to Arjun Naikare, 10 year old kid who without formal Carnatic music training, got all correct!)
» Just missed - : Lalitha Shyamsundar, Vasudevan Samarao, Deepa Ramesh, Nandini, Uddhavan Rangarajan, Anuradha R S, Ananya B, Meera.
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As we step into the 600th milestone week, we are overwhelmed with gratitude and joy. This journey has been entirely possible by the blessings of the Almighty and the best wishes, support and encouragement from all Raga Surabhi followers and music lovers all over the world. A big thanks to each one of you and seeking your continued support and encouragement in the coming weeks, months and years as well!

What is our special quiz this time? Well, it is called the ‘Raga Route’. The idea of this quiz is based on building connections between various ragas so that learning and remembering ragas becomes an activity of fun and interest. Rasikas and Carnatic music students can take a leaf out of this quiz and use this concept for raga learning and reinforcing and also do try it out in a game format when music loving folks get together :)

Rules of the game -

You are given a home raga and a destination raga.

You are supposed to reach the destination raga through various intermediary ragas by making just one change at a time. The change can be adding, removing or substituting one swara. (See example for more clarity). Since you reach the destination raga through various ragas, the name ‘Raga Route’ :)

There can be many routes to reach the destination raga but the shortest possible route is the most preferred route :) Hint - Try to make use of commonly sung ragas rather than ragas which are possible in theory but not known through compositions. Also make use of the 72 Melakarta ragas wherever possible :)

There are totally 10 questions. The answers should be sent in the format as shown in the example below.

Please mail your answers to ragasurabhi@ragasurabhi.com. The last date for submitting your answers is 5th March 2021.
Examples -

  • Sample Question 1: Mohanam to Bhoopalam
    Answer: Mohanam - Change D2 of Mohanam to D1 - Vasanthi - Change R2 of Vasanthi to R1 - Revagupti - Change G3 of Revagupti to G2 - Bhoopalam

  • Sample Question 2: Amrithavarshini - Jaganmohini
    Answer: Amrithavarshini - Change M2 of Amrithavarshini to M1 - Gambhira Nattai - Add R1 in the avarohanam of Gambhira Nattai - Jaganmohini

You got the concept behind it, right? So, get started rasikas, all the best and have fun!!

Week 600 Special Quiz - Raga Route Questions

Question 1: Revati to Andolika

Question 2: Arabhi to Mohanakalyani

Question 3: Harikambhoji to Mayamalava Gowla

Question 4: Kharaharapriya to Sivaranjani

Question 5: Kambhoji to Nasikabhooshani

Question 6: Varamu to Shanmukhapriya

Question 7: Hindolam to Hamsadwani

Question 8: Shuba Pantuvarali to Chalanattai

Question 9: Valachi to Kalyani

Question 10: Hamsanadam to Hamsanandi

All the best and eagerly awaiting your answers!!!
Please mail your answers to ragasurabhi@ragasurabhi.com. The last date for submitting your answers is 5th March 2021.


Week 600 Special Quiz Answers

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