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Week 550 Special Quiz

(NOTE: This quiz is now over. See below for quiz answers and winners)

Note from Raga Surabhi Quiz Master's Desk

We are very happy to announce the results for this special quiz. As always, this time too, rasikas have done extremely well. Hearty congratulations to all the participants and a big applause for the perfect scorers! There were a couple of googlies, special congratulations to rasikas who got them right as well!

» Perfect Scorers (including googlies) - Sarath R, Anagha S
» Perfect Scorers (without googlies) - Aparna G, Vasuki, Santha Lakshmi K M, Rashmi S, Rajarathnam S, Naga Rajan, Geetha N, Geetha S, Jayaram R, Prerna & Pranava, Deepa & Denuka, Nikhita K, Smruthi B
» Just missed - Priya B, Rajesh Iyer, Shankar B, K N Ramesh, Pavithra R, Sharanya, Sattanathan S, Ramya M, Aalekhya N, Naga A


Dear Rasikas,

We are ready with another episode of Special Quiz, 'The Vocal Instrumental Mapping'.  Are you all set? :)

Well, this is a simple quiz, but a format we have not tried before.  Before we get to the rules of the game, our sincere thanks to our friend and collaborator, Vijay Kannan for providing the instrumental clips that made this quiz possible!

Rules of the game

1.  As you might have already guessed, this quiz is all about finding the correct instrumental match for the vocals.   Quite straight forward, right?

2.  You have got two pools of Vocal and two pools of Instrumental clips.

3.  For the clips in Pool A Vocals, you will find a suitable match in Pool A Instrumentals and similarly for Pool B Vocals, the match would be available in Pool B Instrumentals.  The vocals clips have been named as AV and BV for Pool A and B respectively and similarly the instrumental clips have been named as AI and BI for Pool A and B respectively.

The idea of two pools is basically to avoid the fatigue of having to replay the clips many number times for finding the match.  We thought the process would be much simpler if questions are split into smaller pools rather than one big pool.

4.  One last thing - watch out for any googlies....that's all we can say ;)

5.  Your answers can be in the simple format of providing the matching clip numbers.  For example, 

For Pool A : AV1 - AI5, AV2 - AV1 and so on......

For Pool B : BV1 - BI2, BV2 - BI4 and so on......

(These are not the correct matches.....providing just to give you an idea :)

All the best and enjoy solving the quiz!

Please mail your answers to quiz@ragasurabhi.com on or before 20.Mar.2020.

Special Quiz - The Vocal Instrumental Mapping

Pool A: Match the following Pool A Vocals Clips (AV clips) with Pool A Instrumental Clips (AI clips)

Pool A Vocals Clips (AV-x)Pool A Instrumental Clips (AI-x)

Pool B: Match the following Pool B Vocals Clips (BV clips) with Pool B Instrumental Clips (BI clips)

Updated Sun Mar 8, 2020 10.45AM IST: There was a copy-paste error in the Pool B Instrumental Clips, around 5 clips, from Clip-BI6 to Clip-BI10. It is now fixed. Please recheck your answer. Sorry for the confusion

Pool B Vocals Clips (BV-x)Pool B Instrumental Clips (BI-x)

NOTE: All answers to be sent to quiz@ragasurabhi.com on or before 20.Mar.2020..

Special Quiz 550 Answers

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