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Week 400 Special Quiz


(NOTE: This quiz is now over. See below for quiz answers and winners)
Welcome back to yet another exciting episode of Special Quiz - “The Ragas Reunion


We all keep getting invites to our school and college reunions, don't we? When we choose to attend these reunions, we get to meet many of our old friends but finally end up hanging out with those friends with whom we were really close in our school/college days. They would probably be our bench mates, hostel mates or friends with whom we used to perform in culturals or participate in sports.

What if Carnatic Ragas were attending a reunion? :))

Would they also not end up hanging out with their close friends/buddies??

With this wild imagination, we have framed the questions of this quiz. Hope you will enjoy solving this quiz just like our previous special quizzes!

Week 400 Special Quiz Winners

A note to participants from Raga Surabhi:
We are really delighted to announce the results of our 'Ragas Reunion' special quiz. First of all, many thanks to all the participants for sending in the answers along with your feedback and comments. Glad to know all your thoughts, we really appreciate you taking time to write to us. Your feedback is indeed very useful to us and helps us come up with different ideas for our future quizzes. Thank you all very much!

As many of you have pointed out, this special quiz could be ranked as the most challenging and tough among all our quizzes so far. This time we thought we will raise the bar a little higher and see what happens ;) Hats off to Raga Surabhi rasikas for pulling it off in style! You simply amaze us each time!! Hearty congratulations to all of you and a big salute to the perfect scorers!!!

» Perfect Scorers (500/500) -
Outstanding performance in Raga Identification as well as Common Thread and Googly:
Vasuki Prabhakar
Venkatasubramanian Virararaghavan

Special Congratulations!! We really appreciate the effort you guys have put into your answers especially the explanation part. Vasuki also comes on top as the early bird (first response to special quiz!)

» Just missed (450-500) -
Superb overall performance but have missed out on a Raga/Common Thread/Googly
Vijay Kannan, Raveendranathan R M, Lalitha S, Vyaas R, Meena S, Sarath R, Vatsala S

» Solid performance (400-450) -
Excellent Raga Identification but missed a few Common Threads/Googly
Nirmala H K, Ramesh K K, Nagarajan I, Deepa - Meera duo, Sattanathan S, Uma S

» Creditable performance (300-400) -
Very good Raga Identification
Saranya G, Anuradha L, Raviprakash K, Bhamani K, Padmakshi B, Sivashankaran K, Sushma M
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Rules of the game

1. We have a set of 10 questions or rather, 10 ‘Raga Hangouts’.
2. Each hangout consists of a few ragas and rasikas have to identify the ragas present in every hangout. Simple right?
3. All hangouts need not have the same number of ragas.
4. For every correct raga identified, you get 10 points.
5. After listening to the raga hangouts, you might want to guess as to what similarities make them hangout together! You get 5 bonus points if you can guess that right. We are open to new answers as well, so rasikas, do surprise us with your interesting answers :)
6. There are some googly elements in a couple of questions, let's wait and watch who gets them right ! Extra 50 points if you get them right.
7. Maximum score possible - 500 (with all bonus points) 400 (without bonus points)
8. Last date for submission - 5th May 2017
9. Please mail your answers to quiz@ragasurabhi.com on or before 5th May, 2017.
10. Results will be published 6th May, 2017. ALL THE BEST!

One last thing: Just curious - we would like to know your rating on this quiz in terms of its difficulty level [1 (easy) to 5 (most difficult)]. And, also let us know how long you took to complete the quiz (Rest assured, it won't affect your quiz marks)

Ready?? Let us get you started with a sample raga hangout question!

Raga Hangout Sample Clip

Ragas: Hamsadwani, Mohanam, Vasanthi, Revagupti, Bowli

Common thread - All are pentatonic ragas. Other than that, from the starting raga, you can arrive at the following raga by just changing one note. From Hamsadwani, if you change N to D, you get Mohanam, from Mohanam, you get Vasanthi by changing D2 to D1 and so on....

So what are you waiting for?? Get started right away!!

All the best and wishing you lots of fun hanging out with ragas ;)


Please mail your answers to quiz@ragasurabhi.com on or before 5th May, 2017


Special Quiz 400 Answers

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