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Week 325 Special Quiz

(NOTE: This quiz is now over. See below for quiz answers and winners)
Its yet another milestone week at Raga Surabhi and here we are with yet another special quiz!!

Week 325 Special Quiz Winners

A note to participants from Raga Surabhi:
Dear Rasikas,
Thank you all for taking time out to participate in this edition of special quiz. Before we go to the winners and answers, hearty congratulations to all the winners and salute to all the perfect scorers!! Also a special mention needs to be made of those rasikas, whose enthusiasm reflects in the way they have sent their answers, just like they were solving a Math algebra paper :)
As a token of appreciation, for all perfect scorers, we would like to offer a credit of $5 towards any one item of their choice from Raga Surabhi Gumroad Store.
Attention perfect scorers! - Please email us your preference after browsing through our catalog in Gumroad Store (https://gumroad.com/ragasurabhi) so that we can send you the download link.

» Perfect scorers (250 points) - Lalitha S, Jayaram, Vijay Kannan, Raveendranathan R M, Lalitha R, Vasuki, Chandramohan N, Sujatha R, Karpagam S, Vyaas R, Janaki L
» Just missed (230 points) - The Trio, Uma S
» Missed few - Anuradha S, Kanthamani S
» Creditable Performances - Shabnam Isha, Viji Ganesh, Malavika R, Sowdhamini J
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It has been our tradition to package the special quizzes in different formats every time. Our ‘Carnatic Algebra Quiz’ which was published for ‘Week 275’, was a great hit among rasikas; in fact, several rasikas requested specifically for more such quizzes in future. This time we wanted to honor those requests and so you have now a sequel to Carnatic Algebra :) We hope you will find it interesting and enjoyable! Have fun framing and solving equations ;)

Rules of the game

* There are totally five problems. You need to solve these problems to find what is X, Y and Z.
* X, Y and Z can be raga names, composers, krithis, swaras or anything related to Carnatic music.
* Every correct variable fetches 10 marks, every question rightly answered gets 30 marks, making the total 30 x 5 = 150. If X, Y and Z are all correct for a particular question, a bonus of 20 marks is given, 20 x 5 = 100. The maximum score for this quiz is thus, 250 points.
* Rasikas can send in their answers in a simple format with question number and answers to X, Y and Z
* You may refer to the first Special Quiz 275 - Carnatic Algebra just to warm up
* Note: The last date : 4th Dec 2015, Email: quiz@ragasurabhi.com
(Note: This quiz is now over. See below for answers) * Last but not the least, wish you ALL THE BEST!! Get Cracking :)

Week 325 Special Quiz - Questions

Question 1.
X becomes Mohanam when its G2 is replaced by G3.
X includes pratimadhyamam in ascent and descent to result in Y.
Y transforms into Z, its parent mela raga, by incorporating the corresponding missing swaras.

Question 2.
X = 51 - Uttaranga of 63
Y = 28 - Purvanga of 26
Z = X+Y

Question 3.
‘X’ and ‘Y’ are both janya ragas having the same arohanam and are known to us through only a couple of popular kritis.
The most well known composition in X is by Thyagaraja on Saptaswara and that of Y is a Dikshitar composition on Goddess Kamakshi.
‘X’ is the janyam of the most popular parent ‘Z’ in Agni Chakra.

Question 4.
X and Y are pentatonic ragas. Y is the pratimadhyama equivalent of X. While X is bold, majestic and gamaka laden, Y is subtle, sombre and soothing.
X is most often considered close to Z which has the same arohanam as X but a sampoorna avarohanam. Both X and Z are janyam of a ‘suddha madhyama’, ‘priya’ ragam.
One popular kriti in X is by Dikshitar on Lord Subramanya and that in Z is by Mysore Vasudevachar on Lord Rama.

Question 5.
X is the look alike of X‘ (read as X prime), where X‘ is one of the most popular rakti ragas with the characteristic phrase ‘G M N N S’.
Y is the name of a popular kriti set in raga X’ composed by the son of one of the prominent composers of Carnatic music, Z, who is known to have studied Carnatic music from ‘The Trinity of Carnatic music’.
Z has composed very few but really outstanding compositions.

Edit: Question 3. and Question 5. have been edited for clarity and a small error on Nov 30, 2015  

Week 325 Special Quiz Answers

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