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Week 250 Special Quiz

We have arrived with yet another new format for our special quiz this time :) And we promise, this is going to be lots and lots of fun all the way! This quiz is over. See below for quiz answers and winners

Week 250 Special Quiz Winners

A note to participants from Raga Surabhi:
Dear Rasikas,
Raga Surabhi thanks all participants for their enthusiastic participation in this edition of special quiz.
Rasikas need to be specially congratulated for their stupendous performance. We had a great time compiling the winners. The quiz is so far the best special quiz in terms of rasika performance and maximum number of perfect scorers! Three cheers!!!
We had received a couple of late entries, but have considered them as well :) Before going to the winners, you might want to refresh your memories about the scoring pattern of the quiz :)

Our hearty congratulations to all participants and salute to the winners!
» Perfect score, 500 out of 500: Umasaras, Lakshmi M, Prabha R, Vish nu, Meera L N - Deepa R - Vatsala L trio, Meena S, Sripriya S, Subbaroyan V

» Almost there, 450+ out of 500: Indira J, Praveen, Jayaram, Nirmala H K, Susheela H K, Arun C, Ravi N C, Dhivya S, Hareesh P, Mythili Y

» Credible performances: Rengamoni S, Uma Saraswathy, Viji G, Sundari S, Swathy V, Varadarajan P V, Raja & Bhuvana, Nags & Roopa.

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Rules of the game

There are 10 questions to be answered. The answers are all names of famous Carnatic musicians, hence the name 'Tribute to Stalwarts'.

Each question has three audio clips, namely, a, b and c. All the 'a' clips feature famous kritis, while clips 'b' and 'c' feature ragas. Rasikas therefore, would have to identify the sahithyam line from clips 'a' and raga names from clips 'b' and 'c'. After having identified the answers to clips 'a', 'b' and 'c', pick the first letters from these three answers and rearrange or juggle around to get the acronym of a famous Carnatic musician!

Sample questions and answers

Take a look at the sample questions and answers given below before you proceed to solve the real quiz.

Remember there are marks for every step not just the final answer, so please send in all the details. Every correct answer gets 10 points, thus making the maximum possible score 500. Answers to be submitted to quiz@ragasurabhi.com with a subject line 'Special quiz - 250' and the last date for submission of the answers is 25th June 2014.
This quiz is over. See below for quiz answers and winners

Week 250 Special Quiz - Questions


Week 250 Special Quiz Answers

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