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Week 225 Special Quiz

So, what is special this time? :)

After 'Crossword', 'Match the following' and 'Find the odd one out' in the previous special quizzes, the format for the present quiz is a 'Pyramid'.

There are 15 questions to be answered, questions are provided as audio clips. The important criteria that rasikas must remember before answering the quiz is that the question number and the number of letters in the answer are the same. For instance, the answer for question 5 would be a 5 letter word and that for question 11 would be a 11 letter word.

Rasikas can start with question 2 as we have answered question 1 for you :)

Tips for solving the quiz -

The answers for the quiz could be anything related to Carnatic Music, not only raga names. Like our previous quizzes, there are some simple, straight forward questions and some hard ones, some fun and a couple of googlies :) You might have to think in all directions and out of the box to get the answer fit the pyramid! We would like to give rasikas sufficient time to solve the quiz because rasikas in Chennai are busy with the music season and rasikas outside India might be having a X-mas/New year vacation :) The last date for the submission of answers is 10.Jan.2014. This quiz is over. See below for quiz answers and winners

Rasikas have always come with super duper performances in our previous special quizzes. We are looking forward to something similar this time too :) All the best and Good Luck!!

Week 225 Special Quiz Winners

Perfect score - All 15 correct - Praveen Kota and Saraswathy

Almost there - 14 correct - Prasanna, Jayaram, Hareesh P

Missed just a few - 12 or 13 correct - Reji K, Saranya G, Meena S, Utkala C, Subbaroyan V, Uma Srinivasan, Madhavaraj V, Nirmala H K, Ravi N C

Other creditable performances - Ganesh, Manoj, Saraswathy, Priya, Raveendranathan R M, Krishnampoori, Radha S, Sivakumars, Dhruva S, Swathy, Viji G, Shantha & Sharmila, Venkat, Srinath, Muthulatha S, Laxmipreethi, Rajaanand P M, Sowdhamini, Ashwin, Sindhu, Sundari S.

Week 225 Special Quiz - Questions

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Week 225 Special Quiz Answers

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