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Week 200 Special Quiz

Welcome to this edition of Special Quiz celebrating the 200th week of Raga Surabhi! The format of the quiz is simple and yet different from our previous special quizzes. We have chosen the Pick the odd one out format this time. :-)

Rules of the game

Answers must be mailed to with a subject line 'Special Quiz - Week 200'. The last date for receiving the answers is 12th July 2013. We really had a great time putting this quiz together, we hope you will also find it equally interesting solving it. All the very best!
This quiz is over. See below for quiz answers and winners


Question 1: clip (1.a) , clip (1.b) , clip (1.c) , clip (1.d)
Question 2: clip (2.a) , clip (2.b) , clip (2.c) , clip (2.d)
Question 3: clip (3.a) , clip (3.b) , clip (3.c) , clip (3.d)
Question 4: clip (4.a) , clip (4.b) , clip (4.c) , clip (4.d)
Question 5: clip (5.a) , clip (5.b) , clip (5.c) , clip (5.d)
Question 6: clip (6.a) , clip (6.b) , clip (6.c) , clip (6.d)
Question 7: clip (7.a) , clip (7.b) , clip (7.c) , clip (7.d)
Question 8: clip (8.a) , clip (8.b) , clip (8.c) , clip (8.d)
Question 9: clip (9.a) , clip (9.b) , clip (9.c) , clip (9.d)
Question 10: clip (10.a) , clip (10.b) , clip (10.c) , clip (10.d)

Week 200 Special Quiz Results

Dear Rasikas,

Raga Surabhi thanks each one of you for having had the interest and enthusiasm to participate in this episode of special quiz-week 200. Like always, rasikas have done extremely well, though the quiz was a real challenge.

Congratulations to all the participants! In fact, many of you have been able to look at some questions from a whole new dimension. Special appreciations for that as well!

When we made this quiz, we decided to explore different aspects of Carnatic music and thus came up with questions involving ragas, varnams, krithis, composers and talas. And we also made sure that the same explanation for picking up the odd one does not occur more than once. For instance, if the answer for a particular question pertains to the arohana-avarohana aspect of ragas, there will be no other question which has a similar answer. That way the quiz, we thought, would be more interesting. Some rasikas came up with some brilliant answers other than what we had in mind, we were even tempted for a minute to change our answer to theirs :) Some rasikas have thought of only the raga aspects, but that too is fine, as long as the explanation really fits the context. We really hope you all had a lot of fun solving the quiz and in the process gained some additional insights!

And... Now for the winners!

Week 200 Special Quiz Winners

Perfect score: Jayaram (Early Bird), Meena S, BhavaniPrasad D and Gauthami D, Subbaroyan V, Hareesh P

Almost there: Sripriya S, Praveen K

Creditable performances: Radha S, Sankar N, Nirmala H K, Ananthanarayanan V, Vishnu, Sai Venkatesh, Arun C, Swathy V

Congratulations to you all!! And, now for the quiz answers...

Week 200 Special Quiz Answers

Click here to view answers (Spoiler alert: All answers are shown at once)