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Week 175 Special Quiz

Dear Rasikas,

Raga Surabhi has reached yet another milestone - Week 175. We are greatly thankful to all our rasikas who have been a constant support and encouragement right through this journey.

To celebrate the completion of 175 weeks of Raga Surabhi, we have a special quiz for you. This time around we have kept the format of the special quiz simple but have made the content hopefully interesting and challenging. It is actually a quiz within quizzes :)

We have three audio clips named ragamalika, swaramalika and sahityamalika :) Rasikas are requested to listen to them and identify the ragas in each of them. Please listen to the clips carefully lest you might miss out a couple of ragas!!

Ragamalika : Collection of ragas

Swaramalika : Collection of swaras

Sahityamalika : Collection of sahithyam lines taken from various kritis, have attempted to compile it meaningfully

Week 175 Special Quiz Answers

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Week 175 Special Quiz Winners

The wait is over.....It was nice to note the enthusiasm of our rasikas who participated in the special quiz. We thank you for the time and effort. Please find below the details of winners. Congratulations to all the top scorers and participants!!!

Perfect score - All 30 correct
Sripriya S

29 Answers correct
Sankar N, Vishnu, Raju K, Subbaroyan V, Meena S

25 - 27 Answers correct
Hareesh P, Bhavani Prasad D, Gowri D, Saraswathy U

20 - 25 Answers correct
Srinivasan R, Srinath V, Karthik N, Ananthanarayanan V

Other creditable performances
Swathy V, Sampath K, Rengamoni S, Ramya R, Viji Ganesh

Our heartfelt thanks to all rasikas for their participation and continued support!!!