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Special Quiz - 10 Years

(NOTE: This quiz is now over. See below for quiz answers and winners)

Welcome to another interesting episode of Raga Surabhi Special Quiz, Carnatic Pictionary!

Imagine representing raga names and Carnatic compositions as pictures or images. Wouldn't that be interesting?

Take a look at our sample questions below

10 Years Special Quiz - Carnatic Pictionary - Results and Winners

A note to participants from Raga Surabhi:

Hearty congratulations to all winners and participants of this special quiz. We hope you had great fun solving this quiz! Some rasikas have come up with a couple of interesting alternate answers. We did consider them to be correct as well :)

» Perfect Scorers - All 25 correct - Lalitha Shyamsundar, V Rathnakumar - Three cheers for getting all correct!
» Almost there - 22-23 correct - Prema Kannan Iyer, Pavithra Ramasivam, Aarudhra, Neela Sundaram, Sarath R, Deepa R - Vatsala N - Meera N Trio
» Missed a few - 18-21 correct - Vasudevan S, Swarnalakshmi S, Vasuki, S V Prerna & S V Pranava, Pavithra R, Jayashree R, Prahalad R, Anuradha L
» Creditable Performances - Rama D, Shaila K, Sattanathan S, K N Ramesh.
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Rules of the game

Sample 1:
Answer Sample 1: Shiva and Ornaments of Shiva = Shankarabaranam

Sample 2:
Answer Sample 2: Making of veena and Dust = Nallathor veenai seithe athai nalam keda puzhuthiyil erivathundo!

Sample 3:
Answer Sample 3: Akhilandeswari and Praying = Akhilandewari Rakshamam

Sample 4:
Answer Sample 4: Mountain and Hanuman = Malayamarutham

Were you able to guess the raga or the composition based on these images?

Lot of fun isn't it??

So this quiz is quite simple. You have to figure out the raga name or the carnatic composition by looking at the images provided. Remember you need to think in all common languages and in different angles to get it right.

Please send in your answers to quiz@ragasurabhi.com by 7th September 2019 (Saturday).

We had a great time putting up this quiz, we hope you will enjoy solving it!

Have fun and all the best!

Special Quiz 10 years - Questions

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Question 1:

Question 2:

Question 3:

Question 4:

Question 5:

Question 6:

Question 7:

Question 8:

Question 9:

Question 10:

Question 11:

Question 12:

Question 13:

Question 14:

Question 15:

Question 16:

Question 17:

Question 18:

Question 19:

Question 20:

Question 21:

Question 22:

Question 23:

Question 24:

Question 25:


Special Quiz 10 years Answers

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Please send in your answers to quiz@ragasurabhi.com by 7th September 2019 (Saturday)

All the best!