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Laya Lahiri : Mishra Nadai

Welcome back to the next episode of 'Laya Lahari'.  

In this episode, Suri explains the phrases normally used in Mishra Nadai.  'Mishram' means 7, so the most common phrase used is 'Tha ki ta tha ka di mi'. There are a variety of other phrases that can also be used in different combinations as demonstrated by Suri in both konnakol and in a sample mridangam clip.

Until we meet with another topic, do stay tuned.

Laya Lahiri section discusses the fundamentals of rhythm or laya, which forms an integral part of Carnatic music. Vidwan Thillaisthanam R. Suriyanarayanan explains the common and 'must-know' aspects of laya through his mridangam demonstrations. (Explanations in Tamil) This is by no means exhaustive but we hope this would be a good beginner's guide for rasikas to get started with percussion in Carnatic music.